Two brothers, 14-year-old Mateusz and 13-year-old Łukasz, share a dream: they want to become famous football players. They practice, learn and prepare for consecutive matches together. The relationship between the boys and their father and everyday life in a village in the mountains make the backdrop to the story. This warm picture of Marcin Filipowicz, with excellent photographs of Weronika Bliska and Marcin Łaskawiec, wins the viewers’ hearts with its simplicity and emotional honesty in drawing a portrait of its characters. (from

Director: Marcin Filipowicz
Script: Marcin Filipowicz
DOP: Marcin Filipowicz, Weronika Bilska, Marcin Łaskawiec
Editor: Wojciech Słota
Sound: Krzysztof Ridan
Producer: Adam Ślesicki, Wajda School
Poland 2015




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