Closed in one time and place, this story is about decisions which, once made, become irreversible. A boy rents a wooden cabin in the mountains for his beautiful girlfriend and it becomes a place of her summer of love.

Jaśmina Polak, Grzegorz Grabowski

director, screenwriter: MARCIN FILIPOWICZ
cinematographer: BARTOSZ BIENIEK
art director: JUDYTA PIEPRZYK
production manager: KAROLINA KORTA
producers: Faculty of Radio and Television at University of Silesia, Katowice (Poland)
Sales / Distribution: Michał Hudzikowski,, +48 663 573 247
trailer’s music by MONO, fragment of „Burial at Sea” from ” The Immortal Wind” (2009)
Poland, 2014


* Grand-Prix, Wegiel Film Festival, Katowice

* 14th New Horizons, Wroclaw Poland
* 54th Krakow Film Festival, Poland
* 39th Gdynia Film Festival, Poland
* 44th International Student Film Festival Sehsüchte, Germany
* 12th International Film Festival Signes de Nuit, France
* 30th Alpinale Short Film Festival, Austria
* 22nd Camerimage, Bydgoszcz
* 12th Konstanzer, Germany
* 56th Brno16 International Short Film Festival
* 19th Cinemaiubit International Student Film Festival, Romania
* 11th Early Bird Student Film Festival, Bulgaria
* 5th Athens International Digital Film Festival, Greece
* Västerås Filmfestival, Sweden
* 23rd Seattle Polish Film Festival, USA
* 3rd Grand Junction Film Festival, USA
* 3rd Fer Film International Film Festival, Kosowo
* 3rd Ugu Film Festival, RPA
* 2nd Sose International Film Festival, Armenia
* 1st Feminist and Queer International Film Festival, Romania