“Life After Death” is a new experimental program for Polish prisons which provides first aid courses to convicted murderers, who are about to finish their sentences. It’s aim is to socially readapt them and give them new skills which will let them become valuable members of the society.  The campaign’s goal is to show that anyone can save a life. Even someone who once took one.

Despite harsh conditions and strict regulations of Polish prisons, the film crew was able to capture the process that involved Polish Red Cross instructors and the convicts. The main goal of filming was to share their stories, fears and hopes. It was equally important to show the inmates the way they really are – people who made mistakes in their pasts, but want to redeem themselves and become part of society again.

– During a classical TV campaigns we usually have everything pre-planned. But in “Life After Death” we wanted it to be as close to reality as possible. We were open for unexpected situations that could come from interactions, and ultimately closer relationships with the people behind bars. The idea had to be strong enough to withstand the unwelcoming setting of prisons – say Jan Cieślar and Rafał Ryś, creative team behind the campaign – Natural partners for this endeavour were the SHOOTME company and director Marcin Filipowicz – one of the best Polish specialists in doing things seemingly impossible. The music was composed by renowned Polish hip-hop producers Mikołaj “Noon” Bugajak and Piotr “Hatti Vatti” Kaliński.

“Life after death” is not only an advertisement for the first aid courses but also an opportunity for the inmates to start a process of social preadaptation based on learning and developing new skills. The campaign also engages the public opinion in order to change the perception of convicted murderers leaving the prison after serving their sentences. All in all, in a case of life threatening accident first aid is needed no matter who delivers it. The legal punishment for murder in Poland is no less than 8 years of mandatory incarceration. After serving their time of sentence convicts leave prison to rejoin the society, and the challenges they face are often difficult and hard. After years spent behind bars most of them want to get the best of the ‘second life’ they are being granted.

Director: Marcin Filipowicz
DOP: Maciek Ryter
Editing: Nucky Thompson
Postproduction: Locomotive
Music: „Haffner” by HV/Noon
Hatti Vatti – Piotr Kaliński, Noon – Mikołaj Bugajak
Agency: Grey Group Poland
Creative director: Rafał Ryś, Jan Cieślar
Client: Polski Czerwony Krzyż (PCK), Fundacja Pedagogium
Production: SHOOTME
Producer: Michał Majewski
Head of production: Wiktoria Michałkiewicz